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London Sole Pirouette, Henrietta and Ballet Sneaker
1. Pirouette Graphite Leather 2. Henrietta Leopard Ponyhair 3. Ballet Sneaker Black Patent Leather 4. Henrietta Beige Leather with Black Glitter Toe Cap 5. Pirouette Black Glitter 6. Pirouette Taupe Patent Croc 7. Henrietta Black Patent Quilt 8. Pirouette Beige Leather 9. Pirouette Red Nubuck
London Sole Henrietta Flats
London Sole Henrietta Black Patent Quilt
London Sole Henrietta Flats
London Sole Henrietta Beige Leather with Black Glitter Toe Cap
London Sole Maiden Lane
London Sole
May 17, 2013

Ballet Flat Basics for Every SF Gal

London Sole ballet flats, a wardrobe essential for every SF girl.

*Guest post by Jae Payne, Creative Manager of London Sole.

If you're a local you already know, and if you’re visiting you’ll quickly learn that San Francisco isn’t always heel friendly. Moving here from Los Angeles, I learned this lesson the hard way on my first weekend out with friends. First, I’ll admit that I completely lived up to my LA stereotype. I was too reliant on my car, my comfortable box with wheels equipped with a closet (a.k.a., my trunk). My first weekend out I had to walk over 15 blocks to a BART station, then get off and walk three blocks to the correct MUNI stop. Then, once I arrived to the right neighborhood I had to walk another ten blocks just to get to my friend’s house. After the first five blocks, I began to regret wearing my cute heeled boots and by the end of my commute I was ready to leap out of them. I was accustomed to my closet car, so of course I didn’t even think to bring a backup pair of shoes to store in my purse. When I arrived I thought, at least I made it, but that wasn’t even the end. Shortly after my friends said, “Let’s just walk to dinner, it’s not that far.” The phrase “It’s not that far” became a theme that night and many nights thereafter. Walking is a way of life in San Francisco and having shoes that won’t slow you down while still looking cute is a must.

Six years later and a closet full of “San Francisco-proof” shoes and clothing, I feel like I can confidently advise the un-expecting newcomer on the best clothes, shoes and accessories for this city. At the top of my list are London Sole ballet flats. Of course, being their Creative Manager may come off as a bit of  a bias, but I truly cannot live without them! I don’t know how to word it in any other way, but there is a reason why I have worked here for over five years and my closet is packed full of London Soles. They are the best basic and they always meet the “Three C Rule” that I try to use when shopping; 1. Cute 2. Classic 3. Comfortable.

If you’ve been into a London Sole boutique or browsed the website you know that the repertoire of color, textiles, and adornments are far from just basic. New customers tend to get overwhelmed by the options and often don’t know where to begin when picking out their first pair. Thus, I’ve selected a few of London Sole’s most popular styles, a range of basics at their best, to help guide you through the seemingly endless assortment of ballet flats.

Pirouette is one of London Sole’s most popular French styles and coveted for being worn by Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge. It suits a narrow to medium width fitting with an elegant low vamp that reveals a little toe cleavage, has a quarter inch heel and is made with adjustable laces and durable elastomere soles.

Henrietta, like Pirouette also suits a narrow to medium width fitting with an elegant low vamp that reveals a little toe cleavage and has a quarter inch heel. It has a more round toe box, allowing room and comfort for those with slightly wider feet. Henrietta is made with adjustable laces and a variety of sole types. Our signature Henrietta is made from a hand-cut leather sole that is extremely comfortable as it molds to the shape of your foot. However, these soles are more delicate, so we suggest taking them over to Anthony’s Shoe repair to have a topy sole added. This will extend the life of your shoe and add traction needed to climb those big hills.

The Ballet Sneaker has become a legend in San Francisco. This shoe sits quietly on our shelves while the Henriettas and Pirouettes glitter and gleam in the spotlight. However, once you try these on you’ll be sold for life. Made with lightweight heat moulded rubber soles that mimic a true sneaker, these offer maximum comfort, combined with superb cushioning for flexibility and durability. 

Please visit the London Sole blog for more in-depth descriptions on each style.