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July 10, 2015

The Big Win: Our Food + Art Prize Winner Dishes

**Travel & Food Blogger Jenna Kaufmann dishes on her Food + Art prizes

Union Square SF hosts amazing events, and the Food + Art celebration in June was no exception. After weeks of anticipation, I met up with a group of friends after work to attend the event, strolling through numerous art galleries while sipping on delicious California wine paired with cheese and apps from local restaurants. 

After getting my Food + Art passport stamped at various Union Square host locations, I turned in the booklet at the end of the night. The next day, I was thrilled to find out that my passport was chosen as the winner of prizes. I scored generous gifts from Jins Eyewear, the Rotunda at Neiman Marcus, Macy’s and Swatch. Here’s an overview of the awesome prizes I received and how I plan to use them. 

Jins gift card

Lately I've been noticing how glasses can really set the stage for an outfit, and shops like Jins let you own a variety of pairs to go with several different looks. You can wear an all-black outfit and the moment you finish your look with a killer pair of statement eye glasses, the whole look comes together. I have a pair of regular, plain ol' black square framed glasses so I am excited to check out Jins versatile selection. I’d like to try out frames with a funky look and a pop of color - maybe red, orange or blue - for my second pair. Their glasses are so reasonably priced I might buy a pair of sunglasses too. 

Rotunda at Neiman Marcus gift card

The Rotunda at Neiman Marcus is a good reminder that you can’t always look from left to right when you want to grab a bite in Union Square. Sometimes you have to look UP! With all of the shopping I’ll be doing, I plan to take a break and head over to Neiman Marcus for lunch. The restaurant sits under the spiral glass architecture you see from the outside with views of Union Square Park. It’s truly a grand space, and the food is quite delicious.

Macy’s gift card

I love visiting Macy's at Union Square. They have fun events throughout the year like the annual flower show and fun fashion exhibits. It’s a huge store and the selection is unbelievable. I’m going to be torn as I decide how to use the gift card: should I get new cookware or new summer linens? Will I make it past the shoe department without buying a new pair of Frye leather shoes? There are so many summer sales going on I’m going to have a blast deciding. 

Swatch watch

Oh the memories started coming back when I saw I won a Swatch watch! Do you remember how everyone had the transparent Swatch watches growing up? This is one brand that never goes out of style. I love checking out the fun, whimsical watch styles in the Swatch Union Square store that can add instant personality to an outfit. The watch I won in the Union Square Food + Art prize pack has already caught my boyfriend’s eye. It is black with a red face and will be great for our San Francisco weekend trips and for daily use with casual outfits.

Thanks again to all of the hosting locations and vendors that contributed prizes to the Union Square Food + Art event. I am very excited to use the gift cards and watch. See you soon!

About the author

Jenna Kaufmann is a San Francisco resident that loves photography, travel, cooking and events. You can catch Jenna’s San Francisco inspired pics on Instagram @sipbitego and get tips on her new travel and food blog, Sip Bite Go.