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Restaurant Anzu in Union Square, San Francisco
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Puccini & Pinetti in Union Square, San Francisco
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398 Brasserie in Union Square, San Francisco
April 8, 2016

Brunch Spots in Union Square, San Francisco

What’s not to love about brunch? You get to sleep in and overindulge on sweet and savory dishes while shamelessly sipping on a cocktail…or two, on a mid-Saturday or Sunday morning. We know you’re always looking for a new spot for brunch, so we decided to share some of our Union Square faves with you!

1. Colibri Mexican Bistro - This Mexican bistro changes up the brunch game by adding eggs and other breakfast staples to their traditional Mexican dishes. We recommend their huevos benedictinos estilo Michoacán or their tacos de huevo a la Mexicana paired with a Bloody Maria or better yet, bottomless mimosas.

2. Puccini & Pinetti This modern Italian grill kicks brunch up a few notches. They have terrific crab cakes benedict or a delicious steaks and eggs, and we will twist your arm and say order the freelance bubbles unlimited.

3. The Starlight Room - Sunday’s A Drag brunch is a must-see drag show here in Union Square. With one-of-a-kind song-and-dance routines combined with a plethora of feathers, sequins and bouffant hairdos, you are sure to be entertained and well filled by bites from Chef Larry Flynn's small-plates menu!  

4. Restaurant Anzu Restaurant Anzu has something for everyone. Take delight in tastes from a Japanese Buffett with traditional entrées, a second buffet with a build your own omelet station, a seafood raw bar including oysters, shrimp and sashimi as well as an a la carte menu with everything from Belgian waffles to California rolls. This place is a real crowd pleaser.

5. Café de la Presse - This old-world French bistro makes you feel as if you flew to Paris for the weekend. Have a French baked croissant sandwich, real French toast or something hardy like steamed black mussels.

6.  Café Mason If you like crepes, then you’ll love Café Mason! With plenty of options to choose from like pumpkin filled, seafood Deauville or cream spinach and cheese crepes, you won’t be able to get enough of these homemade delights.

7. Scala’s Bistro If you fancy a sophisticated brunch, Scala’s Bistro is your place as it features Chef Larry Finn’s seasonal mix-up of classic Italian and French favorites like decadent oysters, smoked salmon or corned beef hash with farm fresh eggs.

8. 398 Brasserie In addition to their excellent weekday breakfast menu, 398 Brasserie whips up a couple of specialty items on the weekends for their guests including Croque Madame with cured ham, gruyere, béchamel sauce with eggs on grilled bread and bloody Mary’s by the carafe.

9. Aveline This chic spot is a must-hit brunch sport. You’ve got to try their huevos rancheros or their smoked salmon benedict - two of their most popular dishes.

10. The Campton Place Restaurant, Bistro & Bar – This Michelin star restaurant tops the brunch charts. Everything on the menu is superb, but you have got to try their lobster knuckle frittata or for a real treat their malted waffle, featuring butter roasted pear, walnuts and whipped cream.