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Indoor lap pool at Active Sports Union Square
Colton, one of several Zone Coaches at Active Sports Union Square
Nike San Francisco on 278 Post St.
The North Face on 180 Post St.
June 12, 2015

Dive into Summer with Active Sports Union Square

Guest Post by Active Membership Representative Amy Kendig

Summer is finally here and in San Francisco that means we crave being outdoors and showing a little skin whether it’s in the park or in the water. At Active SF, we’re ready to get you fit for a fabulous summer.

If you’re looking to improve your swimming, we suggest a HIIT (High intensity interval training) exercise regimen. More oxygen is consumed during a HIIT swim than in non-interval exercises. The extra oxygen increases your rate of metabolism for 90 minutes to 2.4 hours after one session of HIIT exercise. In turn, the higher your metabolism, the faster calories and fat burn occurs. Who doesn’t love that?! Other benefits of HIIT swimming are increased cardiovascular and respiratory fitness, increased energy levels and lower blood pressure.

If your training regime revolves around land more than the water, don’t worry.  We have tips to help you succeed: have a warm-up, a rest plan, and an interval plan in order to avoid burning out too quickly and to prevent injuries. Swimming is a full-body workout, so if you practice regularly, your body will adapt within the first month and you will start to see positive results. Pull buoys, kickboards and flotation belts are great tools to use if you are starting out. They’ll aid with your breathing pattern, too, helping you avoid using unnecessary energy. 

Sporting the perfect swimwear is also a must! Luckily, Union Square is home to a wide array of fitness shops, where you can find a suit that is both functional and fashionable. Try Nike or The North Face on Post St. for high-tech swimwear. Quicksilver on Powell St. is also a great spot, as their suits are built to withstand ocean swims and surfing, so they’re sure to withstand your workout routine.

Dive right into your summer workout program today! Active Sports Clubs Union Square offers an indoor lap pool, The Zone- a revolutionary HIIT small group training program, unlimited classes like yoga, cycling, body conditioning, convenient amenities and flexible memberships to support your busy Bay Area lifestyle. Contact for a guest pass and visit to learn more.