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Bonobos is one of several stellar shops participating in F3
Bonobos Union Square SF
Several Maiden Lane shops will also participate
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Union Square Fall Fashion Fest
September 20, 2013

Fall Fashion Fest SF FAQs

Wondering why we’re putting on the biggest fall fashion event to hit SF in years? Well, besides the fact that we want to party with SF’s fashion crowd, we had a long list of motivations for making this happen, so we wanted to share with you a little bit of the “why” behind F3. 

Give a Voice to SF’s Fashion Scene

SF has a burgeoning fashion scene that has tried to blossom for years. Companies like Fashion Incubator SF are helping to inject some new blood and excitement into the community by fostering up and coming designers. Yet, we don’t have a central time or place where we can celebrate fashion. Fashion Week has never really taken off in San Francisco and Fashion’s Night Out was cancelled this year, so it’s our turn to find our voice in the fashion scene. Enter Union Square SF. We’re ground zero for all things fashion in San Francisco with the presence of everything from trendsetting shops like Scoop NYC to flagships like Macy’s to top international designers like Louis Vuitton and Prada and Mulberry to fashion forward boutiques like Vince and Theory. We really have it all. Why not get everyone together for one amazing night to celebrate fashion all over Union Square? This is how Fall Fashion Fest SF was born.

Highlight Outer Regions of Union Square

Many of the outer regions of Union Square are starting to blossom as we enjoy success throughout the area. Places like Geary between Kearny and Grant Ave. didn’t have any retail in years past. Now they’re hopping with shops like Paul Smith, Agent Provocateur and Alain Mikli who want to celebrate and show off these new micro neighborhoods. Sutter St. now has lovely boutiques like FINN and Favor where you can get items you can’t find anywhere else. F3 provides a nice platform to bring people to these areas and showcase the way they’ve evolved.

Celebrate San Francisco Style

Even though we’ve gotten a bad rap in SF, we have a lot of major fashion-forward people here. Just look at the amazing selection of local fashion bloggers we have from Pancake Stacker to Britt +Whit to Manners & Moxie and much more! We need a central event to celebrate our love of fashion and style. In true San Francisco spirit, we added a food and wine component, plus live music and a few surprises, like some amazing social media giveaways as well.

Basically, we wanted to throw the biggest fashion party this town has ever seen, and over 25 stores hopped on board, so here we are, ready to launch the first (but definitely not the last) ever Fall Fashion Fest SF. Join us for the newest and best fashion party in SF!

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