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July 5, 2013

Fifty Shades of Gris: Union Square’s Newest Wine Bar Eno SF

**Guest Post by Joel Kampf, wine director at Eno Wine Bar – the new wine bar located in the Westin St. Francis**

There are said to be 24,000 names for grape varietals in the world and approximately 5,000 of those grapes are genetically unique. Multiply that by an infinite amount of producers, and the daunting task of a wine director presents itself – create a concise, coherent wine menu from the whimsical rabbit hole that is the world of wine -- a menu that is both appealing and relatable to the expert and novice wine consumer alike. 

The wine list at Eno Wine Bar in San Francisco is as esoteric and diverse as its epi-centric location in Union Square. The wine list takes you on a journey where you’ll find wines from every the corner of the world. Ever had a wine from Hungary, Morocco, or Slovenia?  How about as local as down the block in San Francisco? Eno has it all, but before we get overwhelmed with an expansive list, let’s step back and have some fun with these gems.

Flight [flihyt]: 


  1. a tasting or sampling of a given category of a food or beverage. 

A flight is a perfect way to experience three wines that you may not have otherwise tried. And Eno does flights; we do a lot of flights -- flights of wine, cheese, chocolate, bruschetta, (caviar?...tbd).

For example, I had a customer come in recently looking for a Chardonnay; she browsed the flight menu and opted for the Fifty Shades of Gris flight. Now, in this particular wine sampler we pour a miniscule production Californian Grenache Gris, a rare California Trousseau Gris, and an exotic Pinot Gris from Hungary. Next time she came in she went straight for a glass of Trousseau Gris, because she already knew it was her absolute favorite. How much fun is that?! And that’s the experience we provide.

Our wine flights are fun, approachable and pushing irreverent. Who wouldn’t want to try three San Francisco produced wines from the City Slickers flight or three volcano influenced wines from the Kick-Ash Whites flight or the always-addicting Gateway Drugs flight?

Union Square is located in the heart of San Francisco, and is arguably the soul of the city -- an amalgamation of great food and wine layered with a gratuitous people watching and entertaining buskers. Whether you’re coming in before dinner or after a play from the Curran Theatre, Eno Wine Bar will surely tickle your fancy.