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Giants Dugout in Union Square SF
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Giants Shirts at Giants Dugout
June 8, 2012

A Gift for Every Dad: Union Square Father's Day Gift Guide

In San Francisco, we have many types of dads to buy for – foodie dads, artistic dads, dapper dads with a keen sense of men’s fashions, sporty dads, you name it. Luckily, we have gifts that will fit any dad’s personality here in Union Square. Here are some of our top picks for Father’s Day based on your pop’s tastes.

The Dapper Dad

If there’s one thing we do well in Union Square it’s fashion. You can’t throw a rock here without hitting a high-end boutique, a trendy shop or a department store, and luckily many of those shops have excellent menswear departments, so no San Francisco man need go without a snazzy outfit. A nice option for fashion forward fathers is Armani Exchange. We know here in the Bay Area, layers are always key, so we suggest this sleek gray linen blazer to keep him warm in the fog. For a more casual, daytime look, we like their faded plaid short-sleeved shirt in blue and red. If dad likes an edgier look, try this beach splatter polo in red or gray. If your dad is truly into designer duds, you’ll need to stop by the new Dior Homme flagship store in Union Square. We dig this shirt with a detachable leather collar and these black leather ankle boots are definitely cool dad worthy.

The Aficionado Dad

Is your dad a lover of the finer things in life? How about single malt whisky? The Whisky Shop, located within Wm Glen & Sons, a shop for all things Scottish, (incidentally if you happen to need a kilt, you can pick one up here, too) has a wide variety of excellent whiskeys at varying price points. For instance the Abelour 12 year makes a nice mid-range Scotch to give dad. If your pop likes a big peaty Scotch, you might try the Port Charlotte An Turas Mor (“the great journey” in Gaelic). If you really want to go all out, you might try something like the Banff 28 year old single malt Scotch. The distillery is now closed, but you can still get your hands on this bottling from 1974! For dads with extremely refined proclivities you might stop by Cristofle. Consider an elegant and aptly named Bulle D’argent Champagne cooler or a three part snack server.

The Artsy Dad

Some dads in SF enjoy more artistic hobbies, and for them, we suggest you stop by Lomography on Sutter St. Your dad probably remembers when all cameras were analogue, and Lomography likes it that way, specializing in beautifully designed non-digital cameras and photography workshops. Dad might enjoy the classic Silver Lake camera outfitted in chrome and leather or for a more contemporary look check out the Diana F+ Cai Guo-Qiang camera complete with full retro flash setup and cool-looking drawings. Lomography also offers a wide variety of workshops with a multi-lens tutorial, a lesson on light leaks and a fisheye lens class all coming up this summer.

The Sporty Dad

Yes, we can’t forget that all too common picture of dad on the couch in front of the TV, enjoying a beer and some snacks while he watches sports and periodically yelps out approval or disagreement with the referee, but there are many kinds of sporty dads in the Bay Area. Perhaps, the most predominant type is the all-out Giants fan dad – you know that guy who’s been taking you to baseball games since you were potty trained. For him, we suggest a stop by the Giants Dugout Store on Geary St. You can get pretty much any type of Giants swag you want there, from wallets to umbrellas to this rugged gray hoody with stylish off white details. If your dad prefers time on the tennis court, you may want to stop by the Lacoste boutique. You can’t go wrong with their classic polo, and the striped option adds a bit of preppy style. It would go great with an Andy Roddick track jacket in black and white. To complete the sporty look, you might stop by Swatch and pick up one of their Dark Rebel New Gent watches.

Once you’ve gotten dear old dad the perfect gift, don’t forget to make some time to see him face to face.  You might even consider joining him for one of his favorite past-times – going to a baseball game, doing some shopping or perhaps enjoying a nice glass of Scotch and catching up.