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January 25, 2013

Men's Winter to Spring 2013 Fashion Trends in Union Square

**Guest post by the men’s style experts at CAFE COTON in SF (210 Grant Ave.)

“Simple is about understated clothes worn with confidence.” –Esquire Magazine on this season’s styles

At CAFÉ COTON, our motto has always been to offer elegant simplicity with a twist, so we’re thrilled with this statement. The winter season is about monochromatics, pin stripes or plaid suits with simple muted colors. To complement the suits, we recommend a shirt that is going to hint in the same direction. Only the accessories – the essential add-ons of the season – such as ties and scarves will fulfill the purpose of a color accent.

We are returning to the basics of natural elegance with three-piece suits but with a slimmer approach than in the past.  In the same spirit, V-neck sweaters as wraps or instead of vests are definitely making a come-back, and our V-necks with contrasting elbows could not fulfill that trend better. We recommend window pane and plaid shirts with a subtly striped tie for a business-casual look. For an everyday look, corduroy pants in earth-tone colors are a must.

We’re also into polka dots this year, and our CAFÉ COTON polka dot ties hit the mark!  GQ Magazine writes: “The dots look best when there is some heft to them, without venturing into party clown territory.”  We even offer pin dots for a more subtle look. In any case, wearing them with a solid shirt will make them stand out as the perfect accessory. Speaking of accessories, scarves have been the quintessential accessory in Paris and London for decades, and this winter that trend has made it to the States. They can feature stripes, plaid or in our case paisley designs with subtle combinations of warm colors. This delivers a fashion forward attitude without losing sight of what classic elegance is about.

As far as colors go, this season’s dominant colors range from Azure to Indigo blue. Although Indigo blue is a staple for our ties, CAFÉ COTON does not recommend it for shirts. A rule of thumb for masculine elegance is to avoid ties in lighter color than your shirts, unless you like the Sopranos look! The CAFÉ COTON color for our winter shirt collection is Azure Blue. Although blue may be the most classic color in men’ shirts, our unique shades can translate to very trendy looks. An Azure blue shirt will agree with any color suit and tie, and this shade of blue is definitely modern.

Other colors to watch out for are rhubarb, tangerine and chartreuse. We offer a variety of shirts with patterns in these shades as well as ties to compliment them. Just keep in mind that restraint is everything this season, but that doesn’t mean you have to be boring. Make sure that you stand apart and take a break from your everyday shirt!