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Make your outfit pop by contrasting bright sneakers with neutral basics.
Be bold with patterns this summer!
Patterned shirts are easy ways to make your outfit pop!
Tony Taylor - Fashion Blogger and Ghurka Sales Associate
May 23, 2014

Menswear in Union Square SF: How To Make It POP!

**Guest post by stylish guy about town, fashion blogger and Ghurka Sales Associate Tony Taylor

My friends say I’m easy to spot in a crowd, because I’m always sporting bright colors. It’s no secret that I love to wear color. It makes me feel good. It brightens my day, and I’m sure it does the same for those around me. As we head into summer, bringing out patterns and color is essential for afternoon lunch dates and sightseeing around Union Square. Thus, I’ve compiled a few suggestions for those gentlemen who aren't used to wearing color or patterns so that you can dress appropriately for the season without looking like a clown.

The key to men wearing color is to keep it centralized. I call this making it “pop”! If your favorite summer color is green, start with a fresh pair of dark Levi’s denim pants and a crisp white button down, then add your green blazer or sweater on top of the neutral base. This way the focus remains on the green, and you’ve accomplished a dapper summer look that transitions from a Cable Car ride to the theater.

Let’s say you’ve had an interest in wearing patterns but just can’t figure out how. For most men, the farthest we’re willing to go is donning a fun necktie or a pinstriped blazer, which is totally encouraged for the office. But while you’re on vacation, you should have fun with your wardrobe! At Zara I found these fun, tan, leaf-print pants that would pair nicely with classic white Chuck Taylors and a white polo shirt. It may be a step outside of your comfort zone to wear printed pants, but they remain effortless as long as they’re the only printed piece in your ensemble.

One of my new favorite boutiques is Paul Smith on Maiden Lane because they do menswear like nobody else! I’m drawn to the eccentricity of Paul’s apparel, but for a guy who’s new to fashion, button down shirts from the nautical Red Ear collection will become your go-to pieces. Designed mostly in blues, an easy base color, the collection is inspired by a brave stowaway from Japan named Manzo Nagano, who snuck onto a British vessel unaware of its destination. Paul Smith’s collection is inspired by an imagined set of clothes that Manzo would have taken in a trunk on his voyage. The chambray shirts are an easy base to layer with color and other patterns giving visual texture to your summer look.

You can also make it “pop” by sporting bright sneakers or shoes. When you wear Nikes outside of the gym, the look should be stylish and clean. Instead of the matching sweatpants, pull on the same dark denim and a Paul Smith Red Ear button down to offset the informality of sneakers. You will still look sporty but still be able to pull of an impromptu lunch date at Bartlett Hall or one of the other new restaurants in Union Square. With such a simple outfit above the ankle, the focus remains on the shoe.

Essentially these same tips can be carried into any season:

1. Wear your “pop” of color in a centralized way.
2. One pattern can be worn in an unusual location.
3. Contrast comfortable footwear with appropriate apparel. 

    That is how I dress myself daily and (if I may toot my own horn) I receive compliments with regularity. I’m not reinventing the wheel of fashion, but I am giving you the tools to drive into style. So go forth, men. Be brave. Wear color!

    Tony Taylor is a travel and handbag enthusiast. Inspired by the dapper men of London’s Savile Row, he attempts to step out in style while still reflecting the casual aesthetic that is iconic to San Francisco. Check out his street style blog for fashionable accessories for women and men.