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Pattie Boyd Exhibit SF Art Exchange
Pattie Boyd Exhibit SF Art Exchange
Thomas Nakada Painting Gallery Paule Anglim
Thomas Nakada Painting Gallery Paule Anglim
Peter Fox Piece Scott Richards Contemporary Art
Peter Fox Piece Scott Richards Contemporary Art
March 6, 2015

Must See Art Exhibits in Union Square SF this March

Did you know that many of SF’s top galleries are right here in Union Square? You can visit them to peruse the works of famous local and international artists or even take home an original piece of art to display in your home. Here are some of our favorite exhibits happening in Union Square SF right now.

Telemetry at Scott Richards Contemporary Art

Artist Peter Fox creates paintings in a mixture of colors that ooze off the canvas with an almost fondant-like texture. Fox uses this technique to deconstruct the viewer's expectations. His exhibit Telemetry runs through Mar. 28.

Like a Rainbow, Love and Inspiration

Photographs by Pattie Boyd at San Francisco Art Exchange - The intimate photos of rock stars like George Harrison and Eric Clapton on display at SF Art Exchange have received a ton of attention in the press. The gallery is displaying Pattie Boyd's photos of classic rock legends and their cohorts in the 60's and 70's. Boyd was married to Harrison 1966 to 1977 and Clapton from 1979 to 1989, and this window into their lives is nostalgically breathtaking.

Diaspora at Gallery Paule Anglim

Tomas Nakada’s abstract oil paintings take inspiration from cell growth and movement, creating a sense of expansion with colorful radiating waves. The exhibit runs through Mar. 21.

You’ve Been Here Before at the Mystic Hotel

This exhibit explores the possibilities of everyday life and features Bay Area artists Carissa Potter Carlson and Heather Van Winckle. Using the Mystic Hotel as inspiration, the works aim to re-contextualize small moments of the everyday into something magical. The exhibit runs through April.

Directors's Pick at Jenkins Johnson Gallery

Gallery artists such as Lynn Aldrich, who creates sculptures that emulate nature and evoke the sublime, are featured in this specially curated exhibit. The exhibition also introduces Melanie Pullen’s large-scale photographs of high fashion crime scenes and Lavender Wolf’s colorful papercuts of mythical beings. It runs through Mar. 28.