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January 2, 2015

New Year Style Tips

**Guest Post by Tony Taylor

Gentlemen, if you only make one resolution for 2015, make sure it's to add those finishing details to your daily look. It’s easy to get used to pulling on your favorite coat and your go-to loafers in a pinch, but there are a few little accessories that you can add to your Monday morning ensemble or your new Thursday night fitness routine that will set you apart from the pack. The great thing about San Francisco is that you can pretty much use the same wardrobe year-round, so I’ve compiled a few New Year fashion essentials all available in Union Square to help you with all your other resolutions.

1. Get Promoted

Of course we all want to make more money this year. If your resolution is to get that raise, pick up this 100% brass feather tie pin at the Alexander McQueen boutique on Maiden Lane. Be recognized for the smart details of your Powerpoint and professional presentation.

2. Get Fit

Let’s face it: we all enjoyed “just one more piece of chocolate” too many times in December. From the Muni bus to the locker room, stay stylish with a pair of green sport earphones from Bang & Olufsen on Sutter Street. While you’re in the area, pick up a few pairs of padded sport socks from Lululemon on Grant Ave., because you don’t want to hit the gym with the argyles from your Christmas stocking.

3. Get Thrifty

I don’t know about you guys, but I do love to shop. This year I’d like to continue my love of wardrobe expansion without trading in my American Express card. For affordable fashions, check out the new Express flagship on Powell Street. They’ve got the most up-to-date prints, patterns and pops to make your go-to dinner suit looks new. Plus, it’s a good excuse to get colorful. One block away is DSW, where I love to stock up on quality leather shoes without breaking the bank.

4. Get Cultured

The Altman Siegel gallery on Geary Street has a Matt Keegan art exhibit coming up that I can’t wait to check out. When I visit museums, I prefer an urban look that expresses creativity. For an afternoon of gallery hopping, try a pair of casual inlay pants by Boris Bidjan Saberi from The Archive on Sutter Street. They’re entirely stylish without compromising the comfort of a gray San Francisco Sunday.

5. Get a Date

Unless you’re lucky enough to have already snagged the lady (or gent) of your dreams, it’s time to step up your game. Fragrance is the final touch to any outfit and with subtle spritz of the eau de parfum Tamdao from Diptque on Maiden Lane you will turn heads faster than an Aston Martin. The woodsy notes of sandalwood and cedar layer onto amber keeping your scent both mysterious and clean. The next time you ask out a hot brunette on Muni she will be hard pressed to say anything less than yes.

6. Get Connected

One resolution that brings joy to my busy calendar is spending time with friends. Pick a day to take the afternoon off and grab a cappuccino and panini at Emporio Rulli under the green umbrellas of Union Square. Park Whether it’s unexpectedly sunny or breezy, an afternoon in the Square is just what the doctor ordered.

Resolutions get tricky when we fall into the routine of day-to-day life and 2015 will wait for no one. I suggest you keep these accessories at the ready because there’s that 10 o’clock meeting on Monday and you never know who you will meet on the way to your 6:30 yoga class. Wake up early, look your best, and grab those goals by the… Balenciaga cuff links. Cheers!

Tony Taylor is a travel and handbag enthusiast. Inspired by the dapper men of London’s Savile Row, he attempts to step out in style while still reflecting the casual aesthetic that is iconic to San Francisco. Check out his street style blog for fashionable accessories for women and men.