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September 21, 2012

Union Square does Cocktail Week with the Burritt Room

In honor of SF Cocktail Week, we’re bringing you an exclusive new cocktail recipe from the spirits-obsessed bar manager at the Burritt Room in the Mystic Hotel Joshua Trabulsi. Josh brought new life to the stylish old-timey lounge’s drink program when he came on a few months ago and has been geeking out on cocktails ever since – much to our taste buds’ delight. He sources rare alcohols from all over the world and mixes them with home-made tinctures to create devilishly delightful concoctions with a nod to cocktails of the past. On the menu this week: the Diplomatic Immunity, a clever take on an Old Fashioned, using a dark, spicy and rich Venezuelan rum called Diplomatico Reserva and house-made bitters*.

Diplomatic Immunity

2 oz. Diplomatico Reserva

4 dash coffee chipotle bitters

2 dash fee bros orange bitters

One pinch Demerara sugar

*Spotlight on Bitters – Bitters were once used as a cure-all tincture, specifically designed to aid digestion and sooth the stomach. These days they are used to add flavor, balance and coherence to cocktails. If you’re interested in making your own, we scoured the internet and recommend this recipe from America’s Test Kitchen.









It’s important to use a mixing glass rather than a shaker on this one! First, muddle the sugar with a splash of water.







Add the rum and the bitters! 









Then, add the ice (don’t forget to crack gently before putting it in the glass).


Stir well and strain over large cube (preferably infused with coffee beans) in an old fashioned glass.


Garnish: Chipotle slice or just coffee beans.