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Lush Cosmetics Union Square
Bath Bombs at Lush Cosmetics on Powell Street
Lush Cosmetics Union Square
Bath Soaps at Lush Cosmetics in Union Square
H2O+ Union Square Powell Street
H2O+ in Union Square
Fresh Cosmetics Union Square
Fresh Cosmetics in Union Square
September 9, 2011

You look like you could use a nice long bath: Bath and Body Shops in Union Square

Perhaps you had a chance to refresh your wardrobe last night at Fashion’s Night Out, but what about your body? Do you want your skin to glow, your hair to shine or your face to be smooth as silk (ahem, we’re mostly talking to the guys on that one)? Or perhaps you just want some fresh new makeup colors for fall? We’ve got your fix here in Union Square with a lovely mix of bath and body shops offering all types of body washes, moisturizers, specialized shampoos, soaps, bubble baths, makeup styles and more.

It’s nearly impossible to pass the lovely French metalwork awning at Fresh without being drawn into their cute little shop at the corner of Grant and Sutter. Once you are in you will find yourself immersed in luxurious soaps, lotions, moisturizers and perfumes. Their products take advantage of natural and appetizing sounding ingredient like sugar, soy and sake. In the makeup department they have a number of products meant to make the skin “glow” with radiance. We particularly smitten with their brown sugar body wash with sweet almond, apricot kernel, and jojoba oil as well as shea butter. Also of note is their Citron de Vigne line, which is inspired by France’s Champagne region with a scent meant to resemble sparkling wine. Fresh carries a line of products specifically targeted at men that includes skin and hair products and fragrance as well as excellent shaving products.

Another bath and body shop with unique ingredients is H2O+ on Powell Street. This store gets its inspiration from the ocean and carries a line of shimmering skin and body care products with marine ingredients. Many of their products feature Irish moss, sea salt and seaweed extracts. Their Sea Marine Revitalizing Shampoo is made with something called marine collagen, which contains proteins and vitamins to help repair damaged hair and protect it from the elements in the future. Looking for something to do the same for your skin? They also carry a Spa Sea Salt Hydrating Body Butter that is loaded with heavy-duty moisturizers like shea butter and coconut oil as well as green tea and wakame extract. This weekend they’re offering 40% off skincare serums. These are high-performance formulas that are based on the science of marine skincare to treat specific concerns and repair and prevent underlying damages, and if you want some in-store pampering H20+ offers complimentary skin care consultations and hand massages.  

Also located on Powell Street is an outpost of the quirky natural bath and body product shop Lush Cosmetics. Lush is known for their signature bath bombs made with essential oils and moisturizers for a fragrant and nourishing bath time as well as their line of shampoos, soaps, shower gels and skin care products that often smell good enough to eat. Lush’s products are packaged in kitschy cute tubs and bottles with fun names like Curly Wurly shampoo and Two Timing Tart bubble bath. Many products are multi-purpose like their It’s Raining Men shower gel that can double up as a shampoo and has a heavenly toffee-fudge scent. Lush’s products are mostly free of animal products and never tested on animals, so they make great gifts for animal-lovers. For the guys out there looking to clear up irritation from shaving they offer Dirty Shaving Cream with oat milk, shea butter and honey to calm sensitive chins. Lush has created many products that are unique to their vision, including a whole line of massage bars. These handy bars are solid and made of moisturizing butters and essential oils that melt on your skin. One of them, called the Hottie bar, even has bumps to encourage a deeper massage during use. This is another great store to stop in, as their staff is super helpful, happy to give samples and ready to help you find products for specific needs.

If tubs of vegan-friendly, completely natural products aren’t quite up your alley, you may consider the Body Shop just down the street. While their products claim to harness the “superpowers of nature,” they’re a little more traditional than Lush. If you’re looking to banish blemishes, they have a whole range of products with tea tree oil – a natural anti-bacterial. They also offer a wide variety of body care products from lotion to deodorant as well as some stand-out foot care products, including a Hemp Foot Protector with help seed oil to repair skin and beeswax to seal in moisture and condition skin. The Body Shop started as a small mom and pop bath shop in England and has expanded to have shops all over the world, yet they still manage to provide some great customer service and high-quality products. Like the other stores, they do offer men’s products. However, if you’re looking for a store where a man can feel entirely at home and surround himself with the finest in men’s shaving products, you’ll need to stop by The Art of Shaving in the Macy’s building on Geary Street. This shop has the look and feel of an old-fashioned barber shop and carries classic shaving products like badger shaving brushes, straight razors and razor stands. They also have products for every step of your shave including pre-shave oil, shaving cream and after shave balms that are made with botanicals for the perfect shave.

Whether you’re looking to invigorate your bathroom routine, take a luxurious bath or home spa day or just need a product that gives your skin and hair a healthy glow, we’re sure you can find something to meet your needs right here in the heart of Union Square. Everyone needs a long soak in the tub once in a while and to pamper yourself with great body products, so we encourage you to explore these options and resfresh yourself.