AT&T Grand Opening Events

AT&T Grand Opening Events

Carnival Theme 9/28

Event times 11:30AM – 7:30PM

  • Facebook- Healing Henna By Robyn Jean/ Bay Area Face Painters
  • Instagram-bodyartbyrobynjean
  • Twitter- @healinghenna

They will have face painting, henna and balloons. Food will include popcorn, snow cones and cotton candy. There will also be a couple of carnival games set up in the store and prizes for winners will include AT&T water bottles.

iPad Paint Artist 9/29

Event Time 11AM – 5PM

  • Facebook- Jeremy Sutton
  • Instagram- JeremyDsutton
  • Twitter@JeremyDsutton

Jeremy will paint a live iPad painting of the interior scene in the new AT&T flagship store at 1 Powell Street. Jeremy will paint from 11 AM through to mid-afternoon, building up a multi-layered artwork using an AT&T iPad Pro with Apple Pencil and the Procreate app. He will explain what he doing and engage with visitors to the store. He will communicate creative innovation through his art, process and use of of the latest technology.

The last hour of the day will be a one hour hands-on iPad art class for ten students. Jeremy will teach the basics of using the ipad to create art, focusing in particular on how to sketch, draw and paint from life.

Street Team 9/30- 10/2

  • DJ provided each day by Apple Beats
  • Tablet magicians
  • Street break dancers
  • Snacks for customers

Customer Appreciation Day 10/3

Event Time 12:00PM – 5:00PM

  • Facebook- Melaquino (Coffee Artist), Mission Minis, Pop Up Gelato 
  • Instagram- Melaquino (Coffee Artist),  Mission Minis(Branded Cupcakes) Pop Up Gelato
  • Twitter-  @MelaquinoSF, @missionminis, @Popupgelato  

Pop up gelato will be arriving and handing out 100 servings of gelato from 12PM-2PM.

Coffee artist will be creating art work(cartoon characters or icons) on espresso foam  from 2PM-5PM. Customers will be provided coffee from Bulldog espresso company.

200 AT&T branded cupcakes will also be provided from Mission Minis

Ghirardelli Day 10/4

Event Time 11:30AM-7:30PM

  • 125 ice cream sundaes will be provided from a Ghirardelli ice cream cart
  • 3 tables with different chocolate tasting experiences ( cookies and brownies, slabs of different chocolates and flavors, 2,000 chocolate minis)
  • 3 hours a Ghirardelli  employee will be wearing popular Ghirardelli Sundae costume handing out chocolates and posing for social media pics
AT&T Flagship Store

1 Powell Street
San Francisco, CA 94102
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