El Ten Eleven | Tennis System | Wander at August Hall in Union Square, San Francisco

El Ten Eleven | Tennis System | Wander

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About El Ten Eleven 

Armed with merely a double-neck bass/guitar, drums and a dizzying array of foot pedals, El Ten Eleven creates complex, deeply felt music, from scratch, onstage, with no help from laptops or additional musicians. Made up of Kristian Dunn (bass, guitar) and Tim Fogarty (Drums), they utilize multiple looping pedals to create songs that sound as though they are being played by at least six people. Most first-timers to an El Ten Eleven show are stunned that the band is a duo. It’s a refreshing site in this age of letting the computers do all the work.


About Tennis System 

The world’s gone haywire and anxiety for the future wracks us all, but what else is new? That's all the scene-setting you need to know to fall for the sunny ambivalence of “P A I N,” the latest release from L.A.’s raucous Tennis System.

The characteristically lush, squalling album pans over familiar thematic terrain for the band, delving into the modern, youthful dilemmas of isolation and longing, failure and persistence. But the band’s melodies are newly infused with the sting of recent personal loss.

Dubbed “one of the city's best live acts,” by LA Weekly, Tennis System recorded each song on the six-track “P A I N” live. Listen and you’ll get a whiff of the electric-shock energy of Tennis System’s epic shows.

lt’s Los Angeles that runs through Tennis System’s music like a thread, infusing it with sunshiny power chords and a brisk prettiness. It’s why Consequence of Sound called the band’s last album, Technicolour Blind “a beautiful ode to feeling really shitty.”


About Wander

San Francisco Bay Area band, Wander, has honed in on their style of bombastic instrumental post-rock. Formed by brothers Ryan and Christian Francisco, best friend, Joseph Aguda, and later joined by guitarist Bernard Barcela, Wander presents a grand, cinematic soundscape, consisting of pristine arpeggiated clean guitars punctuated by heavy, groove-centered explosions. Their style flows seamlessly from serene to bombastic, from quiet contemplative stillness to angry, cathartic blasts of reverb-drenched, distortion-filled bliss.

Their debut LP, Mourning, was produced by Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Loma Prieta, King Woman) and reflected this intense, anthemic sound, catching the attention of Other People Records which re-released the album for vinyl and CD in 2016.

Wander’s latest album, Glass, shows the band’s continuing evolution, further exploring the many facets of their sound: The beautiful interwoven guitars that recall the melodic intricacies of Japanese math rock bands like Toe, the epic orchestral build ups and climaxes of Mono, the intensity of punk bands like At the Drive-In, and the brooding atmosphere of Godspeed You! Black Emperor. At the same time, Wander crafts a sound all their own. Glass’ many sonic contrasts encapsulate the tension and triumphant release from oppressive forces through spirit and force of will.

August Hall & Fifth Arrow

420 Mason Street
San Francisco, CA 94102
United States