Feetz Pop-Up Shop at DSW

Feetz Pop-Up Shop at DSW

DSW has launched a Feetz pop-up shop featuring custom 3D printed shoes.

Feetz, the first company to use 3D printing technology to make custom fit shoes was founded in 2013 by mathematician and entrepreneur Lucy Beard, who was dissatisfied with standard shoe sizing. The technology her company created uses a mobile scanner to capture 5,000 datapoints and 22 dimensions in order to produce a customized 3D printed shoe in less than two weeks. The 3D printer uses flexible fibers made up of rubber and synthetic material that can be recycled. Because the material can be recycled up to 20 times, Feetz encourages customers to send back worn shoes in exchange for a discount.

The shoes are available online for $199 for women and $249 for men, but will be available at a discount at the pop-up store. Customers can scan their feet at home by downloading the Feetz mobile app.

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