Grandma Wu's Chinese New Year Dinner at M.Y. China

In celebration of Chinese New Year, M.Y. China will offer Grandma Wu's Chinese New Year Family Dinner in addition to their regular menu. The special menu was created by Executive Chef Tony Wu, and is reminiscent of the traditional Chinese New Year dinners that his grandmother cooked for his family. The menu is eight courses – since eight is a lucky number – and available for $38 per person for groups of six or more. Select wine pairings are available for $25/bottle and $8/glass.

Grandma Wu’s New Year Dinner

Fortune Platter
Roast duck, squid, jellyfish, cucumber, barbeque pork

Good Luck Soup
Organic chicken, pork shoulder, dry seaweed, lotus root

Ocean Treasure
Oyster, seaweed, lettuce

Gold and Silver
Calamari, scallop, shrimp, bok choy, vermicelli, satay sauce

Perfect Catch
Whole fish of the day, pepper, green onion, chili bean sauce

Happy Opportunity
Organic fried chicken

Long Life
BBQ pork, shrimp, pepper, beech mushroom, egg noodles, X.O. sauce

Child’s Delight
Strawberry and pineapple tapioca pearls, blueberry, mango, pumpkin puree

Lunar New Year is traditionally the time of year spent with friends and family. This year, M.Y. China’s staff will share their “Words of Wisdom” from their grandparents and family members on the restaurant’s social media channels, @tastemychina. They invite you to share your “Words of Wisdom” #mycwisdom.

For those dining in the restaurant on February 15, celebrity chef Martin Yan will be in attendance, making his way through the dining room and greeting guests that evening.

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