Hamilton Loomis at Biscuits and Blues in Union Square, San Francisco

Hamilton Loomis

Bridging the gap between generations of music-lovers and redefining blues-based American music for a contemporary audience, Loomis created his own path and built a loyal following by blending myriad influences, clever songwriting, and an expressive voice into a sound that defies description. Feeling his current style, layered onto his bluesy foundation, will attract a new generation of fans, Loomis looks forward to the appeal GIVE IT BACK will have on today’s young listeners.

“I’ve struck on a style that works, and I’m adding to it. I don’t purposely set out to create one type of song; it’s really just a hybrid. One of the by-products of it all is that it can appeal to all generations.”

Below the musical notes on GIVE IT BACK, the latest release from Hamilton Loomis, lies an altruistic message; showcasing a “pay it forward” philosophy, Loomis states his goal to share the knowledge and information that was given to him as a young musician. In a musical tribute to his mentors, the title track, which features Victor Wooten (Béla Fleck and the Flecktones) on bass and vocals, explains this mission and provides the backdrop as Loomis reaches new musical heights on a record that will ignite fires in those who live for funk & soul, rock, and a satisfying dose of the blues. 
"When I was coming up in the music scene, I was lucky to have musical mentors like Joe ‘Guitar’ Hughes, Johnny ‘Clyde’ Copeland, and of course, rock icon Bo Diddley,” stated Loomis. “These ‘veterans’ took the time to teach and give advice to us youngsters, as if ‘passing the torch.’ Now that they have passed, it’s my duty, not just an obligation, to do the same with this generation’s young musicians. That's giving it back, handing it down, passing it on, like the song says.”

Biscuits and Blues

401 Mason Street
San Francisco, CA 94102
United States