Marina Crouse

Marina Crouse

One of the most notable rising talents on the San Francisco/Bay Area music scene. Her early classical training is reflected in her powerful and versatile vocal style that creates a genuine excitement in every performance. Blessed with an incredibly expressive voice early in life, Marina Crouse applies her distinctive talents to a wide range of material while delivering an emotional authenticity that consistently cuts deep. “When I sing,” she says, “I feel like I break myself open and let a little piece of myself come out. I’m reaching out to people with hopes to connect on a personal level. And when we do, that to me is better than anything else.”

MARINA CROUSE has a new album:

Never Too Soon

"What makes Never Too Soon is the voice and delivery of Marina Crouse. She wields a naturalistic instrument which is imbibed with warmth. It has an unaffected expressiveness that is simply refreshing. She performs in two languages, yet seamlessly blends both to deliverer missives in the international language of music."

~ David Mac, Blues Junction Productions Magazine.

" A new voice as strong as the best blues singers of the past as she sings with the intensity of a Koko Taylor, heartbreak of Etta James, raw emotion of Big Maybelle... Marina Crouse has all it takes to be the next top lady of the Blues. Marina is a bad bad Blues singing woman, so get ready, Marina's got the Blues."

~ Noel Hayes, DJ at KPOO 89.5FM

" Marina Crouse is long overdue her day in the sun. This big, delicious voice deserves to be heard! Really soulful." 

~Danny Caron, guitarist and former musical director with Charles Brown

Biscuits and Blues

401 Mason Street
San Francisco, CA 94102
United States