The Miracle of Indoor Pluming at the Curran in Union Square, San Francisco

The Miracle of Indoor Pluming

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“Jad Abumrad is a radio host and producer whose engaging audio explorations of scientific and philosophical questions captivate listeners and bring to broadcast journalism a distinctive new aesthetic .” - Macarthur Foundation


What is it that makes a story move you? Like really really move you?

After 15 years of making Radiolab and, more recently, More Perfect, Jad Abumrad found himself standing on a street corner, staring down at a manhole cover and thinking: indoor plumbing! Of course!

Join Jad as he deconstructs the process of finding and developing stories and creating new, original work. He’ll unearth the hidden ingredients key to the stories that inspire, change and connect us all.


445 Geary Street
San Francisco, CA 94102
United States