The Short & The Long of It

The Short & The Long of It

Directed by:
Ian Anstee

Starring (in rotation):
Steven Anacker, Ian Anstee, Tynan Challenor, Derek Cochran, Renee Rogoff, Susie Sargent, Bill Stahl, and Shara Tonn.


An Un-Scripted classic, The Short & Long of It blends everything you love about improv — new worlds; bold characters; captivating storylines.

The show begins with a set of fast-paced scenes, each of which is completely different from the one that came before it. During intermission, YOU vote on your favorite scene; that scene then becomes the building block for an improvised story in the second act.

With The Short & Long of It, you control the narrative.

Un-Scripted Theater Company

533 Sutter Street
San Francisco, CA 94102
United States