Susan Grossman: URBANSCAPES at Elins Eagles-Smith Gallery

Charcoal and pastel drawings include large-scale views of downtown San Francisco and New York street life.

Susan Grossman’s mostly monochromatic images and black frames initially suggest photography, while capturing the kinetic energy of film. As critic Gerard Haggerty wrote about Grossman’s drawings: Writ large, their scale is cinematic. …Like a single frame snipped out of a film, her works arrest an instant in an unfolding story.  The question of precisely what may happen next is left to the viewer’s imagination, and so her pictures linger in the mind. Grossman’s subtle use of color guides the eye through the scene and helps propel the implied narrative. 

Her urban scenes juxtapose the human with the natural. Traffic signs, telephone poles, and wires inhabit the landscapes, while clouds, sunlight, and wind are essential components of the city scenes. While autobiographical in the sense that they are culled from the artist’s own travels and experiences, are deliberately unspecific and allow for the viewer’s own interpretation.

Susan Grossman graduated from Bennington College in 1981 and received her MFA from Brooklyn College.  Ms. Grossman has taught at City College of New York, and she maintains studios in Brooklyn and East Hampton. Her work has been collected and exhibited by The New York Historical Society, and can be found in numerous private and corporate collections.

Elins Eagles-Smith Gallery

49 Geary Street
San Francisco, CA 94108
United States