The Visual Word: Working with Poetry

David Annwn and Thomas Ingmire will reflect on their working processes and explore new insights about their collaborations. Their discussion will center on specific works now on exhibition at the Book Club of California and the many curious issues relating to creating visual interpretations of poetry. David will also read some finished poems and discuss the impulses behind their creation. Audience questions will be encouraged.

This event is co-presented by the The Friends of Calligraphy, and is held in conjunction with the Book Club of California’s Spring 2016 exhibition: Calligraphy and Poetry: Thomas Ingmire in Collaboration with David Annwn

David Annwn, from West Yorkshire in the UK, is the recipient of the Cardiff International Poetry Prize, Wales’s most prestigious literary award. He was the resident poet at the 2011 International Calligraphy Symposium in Sunderland and at the Writing 2015 Calligraphy Symposium at Bruges. He will be reading in California for the first time.

Thomas Ingmire’s early calligraphic work focused on the exploration of calligraphy as a fine arts medium. Beginning in 2002, his focus shifted to the creation of original artist books, many in collaboration with numerous poets. His works can be found in artist book collections in universities and libraries throughout the US.

The Book Club of California

312 Sutter Street
San Francisco, CA 94108
United States