Value of Union Square- IDA Downtown Study


A strong downtown is critical for a successful city and region. Downtowns and center cities are where people, capital and ideas have historically coalesced due to their size, proximity and density. Downtowns, with their relatively small share of land mass, provide significant economic and community impacts, with multiple benefits for both the city and region.

They serve as the epicenters commerce, capital investment, tax base, diversity, public discourse, knowledge and innovation, along with providing social benefits through access to community spaces and public institutions. Downtowns and center cities play a crucial role as the centralized hubs for a city and region in terms of a sense of place, employment, civic engagement, arts and culture, historic importance, local identity, and financial impact.

The Union Square Business Improvement District and the International Downtown Association (IDA) partnered to provide a comprehensive report on Union Square's economic value to the City and County of San Francisco. 

IDA Study


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