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Salsa at Union Square!

Union Square Bloom Finale

Head downtown for an afternoon of live music from Los Kimberos. The event includes free salsa dance instructions on each hour. Register and receive a free flower to remember the day.

Suit Up

Suit Up Event

SFPD Deputy Chief David Lazar, James Caldwell, Union Square Alliance Executive Director Marisa Rodriguez, John Sparks of Macy's Union Square and SFPD ASsistant Chief Mike Redmond - on-site for "Suit-Up!" fashion show at Macy's Union Square.


Marisa Rodriguez

Union Square BID director Karin Flood leaves, new leadership takes over

By Alex Barreira |

Marisa Rodriguez, who since April 2019 has overseen the city's Office of Cannabis, was chosen from among 165 applicants to lead the alliance (also known as the Union Square Business Improvement District, or BID), it said in a quiet announcement last month. On Oct.