About the BID

Union Square is the retail and cultural hub of San Francisco. 

It boasts the city’s largest collection of luxury, department and boutique shopping, making it one of the premier tourist attractions in the Western United States. A spectacular selection of hotels, art galleries, salons, and theaters also contribute to the area's cosmopolitan, 24-hour character. 

The center of the neighborhood is a landmark park bordered by Geary, Powell, Post, and Stockton streets. Built in 1850, Union Square was the gathering sight for pro-Union demonstrations on the eve of the Civil War. The historic park was named by San Francisco's first mayor, John Geary, in remembrance of the rallies.

Today, the Square continues to be a political and cultural gathering place as well as the center of a vibrant and diverse community.

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If you have questions or comments about the Union Square Business Improvement District, contact our Administrative Offices at:
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