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The USBID continues to provide clean and safe services to the district under the City & County of San Francisco’s Shelter-In-Place policy, as BID services have been deemed essential. Please note that during this time, many stores and restaurants in Union Square may have temporarily updated their business hours through at least April 7th.
To report a clean or safe incident, please contact Member Services at 415-781-4456 or Member Services are available 6:30am–10:30pm daily.

To report an overnight safety incident between 10pm–6am, please contact Legion Security's dispatch number at 415-724-2909. Stay safe, stay healthy, keep washing your hands, and we look forward to seeing you soon.

For on-going San Francisco alerts, text: COVID19SF to 888-777.

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The City and County of San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted unanimously in support of the Union Square BID's renewal on July 9, 2019. 84.87% was the final vote count by Union Square BID property owners. We are humbled by the immense support. Thank you everyone for participating in this crucial process for our community. 


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As the first BID in San Francisco, we have a responsibility to continue to serve as stewards for the Union Square area to ensure for the shared prosperity of our property owners, businesses and employees. Union Square is a gateway for millions of visitors annually and an economic engine for the City. Join us on this critical path forward of continuing to invest in the heart of our City.


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Petition Phase: We are currently at 50.37% of the assessed properties (weighted) are supportive! 85% of responses received during the petition phase were supportive. Only 30% of the assessed properties (weighted) are needed to move the process to the ballot phase of the renewal.   


Union Square BID's District Boundary Map with Service Zones Post-Renewal


Union Square BID's District Boundary Map with Service Zones Post-Renewal



The Union Square Business Improvement District (USBID) conducted a member and stakeholder survey as part of its renewal process to gather data on overall importance of current programs and additional services members may be willing to pay more for. 196 parcel and business surveys were received. Surveys received from parcel owners totaled 62.68% of the weighted assessments.

Download USBID Renewal Member Survey Results Memo

Download USBID Renewal Member Survey Results


Download USBID Management Plan (2019-2029)

Download USBID Engineer's Report (2019-2029)

Download USBID Renewal One-Pager

Download USBID Renewal FAQ

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The future is bright for Union Square. As a model for public-private partnerships, we’ve met and exceeded our management goals by consistently delivering effective and efficient services while maximizing our resources and innovating to face emerging challenges. The USBID of tomorrow is an engine for shared prosperity, expanding on the critical services that our members value. Renew and expand your commitment today, and we will plan collaboratively for a successful Union Square tomorrow.


We ensure a high level of cleanliness for Union Square and strive for continued operational improvements which is core to our mission. 

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With rapid response times and innovative coverage, our ambassadors and officers make our district a safer place for visitors, workers and residents.

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Public Realm

Working collaboratively with our government partners and district stakeholders, we are shaping the long-term vibrancy of our area with thoughtful public realm investment.

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We provide connectivity that creates a seamless experience for visitors and locals alike, activating public spaces with popular events that draw crowds and reinforce Union Square’s brand as an international destination.

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As your champion, we take pride in representing our members to stay ahead of everyday challenges while building winning coalitions that achieve success.


As frontline stewards of this 27-block district, the Union Square Business Improvement District (USBID) is proud of the value we bring to our members, providing essential quality of life services.

Growing Your Investment

The USBID has raised over $10 million since we renewed in 2009 to complement the generous commitment of our membership. An increase in member investment will drive greater dollar-for-dollar return on critical services for Union Square. 

Enhancing Safety and Security

Going the extra mile, Union Square partnered with law enforcement and became the first area in San Francisco to deploy over 350 surveillance cameras, resulting in hundreds of arrests. Continued investment in this resource will promote safety and prevent incidents before they occur. 

Advancing Street Maintenance

The USBID boosted cleanliness in Union Square by launching the successful “Bigbelly” program, adding 25 new trash units across the District. With additional optimization of waste management, the USBID, with help from our partners, will ensure a sparkling district for all. 


“The Union Square BID is an incredibly strong partner with the Hotel Council of San Francisco. Together, we advocate for City policies that protect a safe and clean Union Square district for our businesses, employees and visitors.” – Kevin Carroll, Executive Director, Hotel Council of San Francisco


“The San Francisco Police Department’s work with the BID is the model on how partnerships make our community safer. Through community engagement, our “Park Smart” educational campaign and other crime prevention strategies we ensure that visitors have a safe and enjoyable experience in Union Square. The installation of 350+ security cameras have both served as a deterrent and have been an incredible tool in identifying those responsible for crime.” – David Lazar, Commander, San Francisco Police Department 


“USBID has done a tremendous job of maintaining the area without them we would not even be able to open our doors for business. I am very grateful for them.” – Ramin Vahabi, Owner, Café Central and Café Bellini

2018 USBID Member Survey Results

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