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June 7, 2013

Favorite Leisure Activities in Union Square SF

Summer is arriving in Union Square SF, which means it’s a great time to get out here and enjoy our beautiful park, do a little shopping, take in a show, enjoy a delicious meal and take advantage of all we have to offer. We recently asked our Facebook fans about their favorite leisure activities in Union Square. Here are some of their answers:

Suzette Wright As a native San Franciscan I enjoy it all! People watching, shopping, dining, live music, street artists, protesters exercising their 1st Amendment rights, the sound of siren & car horns, the pigeons flying helter-skelter. I Love San Francisco.

Yerly's Goofy Live concerts are always fun!

Alexandra Zana The trumpet player at the corner of O'Farrell and Powell

Ali Cadelinia Lopez Sitting at a window seat at the Rotunda having a cocktail and watching all the hustle and bustle below!!

Todd Kirsten eating at Lefty O' Douls!

Jason Higgins Going into Tiffany and Macy's and if I remember correctly there is a good Borders bookstore close by

Jonathan Young Sitting in the open air high up on top of the Macy’s building at The Cheesecake Factory after an afternoon of exploring on foot the area down below.

Arwyn Parry we sat reading, people watching and having a beer....also had cocktails and cheesecake at the sky terrace at Macy’s...

Steve Kimberley and one other: Shopping at Macy's!!

Mary Lou Gonzales Macy’s is a must!! Having a treat and walking in great weather!!

Margareth Vieira and one other: Lunching at Boudin and watching people... I love SF! I'll be back soon...

Maria D'Alessandro and one other: window shopping!

Marilyn Goucher Royer window shopping and people watching. I look for folks walking their puddy dogs. Macy's is a favorite.

Jane Mendonca Mesquite Shopping, shows and just enjoying the good weather. Love San Francisco!

Terri Leonard Labrie People watching and just enjoying the fact that I am in my favorite city

Ivan Hunt Watching the people and listening to the cable cars.

Barbara Pastore Swetz and three others: People watching with an Americano!

Tim Tillmann Sitting on the steps using the wifi!

Tien Vu All my family had a good day out there yesterday.

Aidan Fermelis I come from Australia and have found a sunny Union Square to be a great jetlag cure too!

Aidan Fermelis Lazing about and enjoying the fact I am not working.