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June 27, 2014

The Top Coffee Shops in Union Square SF

Want to know where to get the best latte, cappuccino or black coffee in Union Square? We’ve got tips on our top coffee shops here in the heart of San Francisco, whether you prefer soy milk, straight up coffee or Frappuccinos.

La Boulange222 Sutter St.

The classic French cafe with a California twist is a home-grown chain that has seen great growth and success in the past few years. If you’ve had one of their big bowls of café au lait or their delicious macaroons, it’s not hard to see why!

Sutter Street Café – 450 Sutter St.

This hidden gem is tucked away in an office building on Sutter Street, but once you find it (through the doors and down the hall on the right) you’re rewarded with fair trade coffee drinks, loose leaf organic teas, fresh fruit smoothies and cold-brewed coffee as well as a variety of delicious and healthy food and snacks, from organic egg sandwiches with Applewood bacon to fine chocolates and more!

Café La Taza470 Post St.

Your corner café with a latin twist, go here for a quick cup of coffee or try their Mexican Mocha for a real treat! They also offer a wide variety of breakfast and lunch options.

Nespresso90 Grant Ave.

If you have some time, our Nespresso Café is an upscale way to enjoy your afternoon latte. They don’t do to-go orders here. Instead, choose from an impressive selection of Grand Cru espressos to create the perfect coffee drink for your tastebuds. Stay for a full lunch and get our favorite – the fancy grilled cheese!

Café Madeleine43 O’Farrell St.

Go here for the coffee but stay for the decadent desserts with French flair like fresh fruit tarts, absolutely sinful éclairs and more!

Bancarella350 Powell St.

You really can’t beat their locale right on the park with a lovely outdoor seating area to boot! We recommend the cappuccino with one of their special Italian pastries.

Caffe Central – 170 O’Farrell St.

The only outpost for Bluebottle coffee in Union Square, get your pour over coffee at this conveniently located spot. They also have freshly made smoothies and juices.

Starbucks201 Powell St., 462 Powell St., 390 Stockton St., 222 Mason St.

We’d be remiss in not mentioning the 4 Starbucks locations in our neighborhood. Of course, we don’t need to tell you what to expect here, but there is an added bonus at the Sutter and Stockton Street location. This seems to be one of their test locations for the La Boulange items that they’ve been integrating into their menu lately, so you can get a wider variety of new treats there.

There you have it - enough coffee, espresso and tea to keep you peppy and caffeinated for your next shopping spree or afternoon break in Union Square!