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January 11, 2013

Union Square's Jewelry Scene: Checking into JewelRehab

** Guest Blog Post by the team at Adam Neeley Fine Art Jewelry

Shoppers in Union Square are never short on inspiration for how to adorn themselves. In particular, the several blocks East of Union Square comprise vast and varied jewelry buying opportunities. Style savvy folks are already browsing the inspiring and elegant windows of big names like Tiffany & Co., Shreve & Co., Bulgari and DeBeers for new jewelry ideas, but here’s a place you may not have considered looking for your next chic style: in the dusty depths of your own safe or jewelry box. Go ahead, take a look. Now think about what you’re not wearing.

This month local jewelry designer Adam Neeley asks you to put your jewelry collections under scrutiny with his new program called “JewelRehab” - an opportunity to re-style existing jewelry. The shop will be offering free design consultations aiming to utilize the precious metals and fine gemstones people already own in new custom designs.

As a recent inductee into the American Jewelry Design Council, Neeley is recognized as an influential design mind in the jewelry community. His aesthetic incorporates clean, curvaceous lines and classic elements in contemporary designs. At Adam Neeley we believe reinventing jewelry takes finesse, and the creative process must include the client, so our team is available to help you make the best of your rediscovered pieces.  

We realized that there exists a jewelry box conundrum. Whether an heirloom or a relic of an era gone by in one’s own life, ill-suited jewelry is often too valuable to part with but also has no place in an owner’s lifestyle. Reinventing these pieces can be a transformative experience. One client brought in a pendant that spelled “Foxy” in 18 karat yellow gold with diamonds that she had received as a gift from an ex-boyfriend. We used the gold and diamonds in a new pendant featuring a druzy chalcedony (a cluster of crystals). Turns out, Marie is more sophisticated than “foxy” and her re-styled piece says it without any words at all.

Another client explained her need for JewelRehab like this: “My husband and I joke all the time about my engagement ring. The style never really suited me. He knows how I feel and we talked about a different ring, but we just never did anything. This year marks a decade together for us. I told him, I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you, but I have to divorce this ring.” They plan to come in together to re-envision the ring. “We like the idea of using the same diamond that’s symbolized our love all these years. And I can’t wait to have a ring that looks like me.”

Anyone who owns gemstones or fine jewelry that goes unworn can benefit from this unique service. To participate, call for an appointment anytime between January 14th and 21st and bring your jewelry that’s in need of updating.

Adam Neeley Fine Art Jewelry is located at 255 Grant Avenue in San Francisco’s Union Square. Jewelry is crafted at the flagship store in Laguna Beach, CA, which opened in 2006. For more information about this or upcoming events, contact, or call (415) 262-9985.