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San Francisco and Bay Area health officials announced a 'shelter in place’ order for all residents with the exception of essential needs. This order is an important step to slow the spread of COVID-19 in our communities (learn more). We recognize the challenges this poses for residents and the impact this has to our businesses, nonprofits, and their employees.


The Office of Economic and Workforce Development (OEWD) remains committed to supporting our business, nonprofit, and workforce communities. Over the past weeks, San Francisco and public and private partners have implemented a number of policy measures and programs available to assist businesses. You'll find information on the resources we've created and the services necessary for stability and recovery such as:

Financial Resources
Deferment of Fees and Taxes
Real Estate Assistance
Employee Resources
  • Paid Sick Leave- Workers and Families First Program (OEWD) - Funding to provide an additional five days of sick leave pay to workers beyond their existing policies.
  • Rapid Response Services (OEWD) - Orientation for impacted employees to provide information on job training programs, healthcare, disability insurance, unemployment, etc.).
  • Partial Claims (Employment Development Department - EDD) - For employers that want to keep employees when there is a lack of work.
  • Work Share Program (Employment Development Department - EDD) Unemployment insurance for employers to help minimize the need for layoffs when there is lack of work.