Resources Curbside Pickup Operations

Resources for Curbside Pickup Operations

City & County of San Francisco


As long as COVID-19 indicators in San Francisco continue to demonstrate progress on slowing the spread of the virus, retail businesses will be able to operate for storefront pickup and delivery starting on Monday, May 18.

If you plan to reopen after May 18 for curb-side pick-up, please let us know so we can help promote. 

Best Practices for Curbside Pickup - Webinar from SF OEWD on Vimeo.


  • Prohibit customers from entering the business with curbside pickup. The transaction must occur outside the building, such as in the doorway, through an exterior window, or at a small table set up at the front of the facility.
  • Instruct all personnel involved in curbside pickup to wash their hands frequently and to use hand sanitizer (provided by the Retail Business with Curbside Pickup) before and after handing items to a customer.
  • When possible, provide options to accept payment through contactless technologies, in advance via phone, an app, or the internet, or verbally (such as reading a credit card number and required information).
  • Remind Personnel to wear a face covering at all times, including when interacting with customers who are picking up items
  • The COVID-19 health crisis is creating a temporary increase in curbside pick-up service for many restaurants and businesses. To encourage physical distancing and reduce crowding, the SFMTA is fast-tracking converting some adjacent street parking into temporary loading zones. To request for conversion, please fill out this form


Full Guidelines for Retail Businesses to Operate Storefront Pickup and Delivery (PDF)
Summary of Operating Conditions for Curbside Retail and Related Manufacturing and Warehouse (PDF)