Aki Kumar Blues Band at Biscuits and Blues in Union Square, San Francisco

Aki Kumar Blues Band

Dynamic frontman & harp player Aki Kumar is a rising star among the next generation of SF Bay Area blues artists. A master of the amplified Chicago blues sound, Kumar inherits his style from the harp legends of the 1950s and 60s. Aki has a unique voice in the blues, blending elements of blues harmonica pioneers of yesteryear with a signature sound of his own.


"..old school blues at its finest by way of India.  And the lad has soul to spare." 
Dan Aykroyd aka Elwood Blues


Born and raised in Bombay - India, Kumar established his mark on the West Coast blues scene starting in 2009 as frontman of the SF Bay Area's highly acclaimed blues outfit Tip of the Top. His latest venture, The Aki Kumar Blues Band, involves several Bay Area blues luminaries and has been the culmination of his journey through American roots music. The band performs vintage blues with tremendous skill and energy and is guaranteed to entertain audiences across all venues, from intimate listening rooms to large festivals. When not performing under his own name, Aki Kumar can also be found working with the heavy-hittin' blues band, Little Jonny and The Giants.


"(Kumar) is a powerful, stylish vocalist who delivers his lyrics without a hint of accent, and his attack would be well received in the smoky bars of Chicago’s West Side, where the music originated … Definitely one of the best new artist new releases of 2014. It’s a little late for Christmas, but pick up a copy of “Don’t Hold Back” today. You deserve it."

Marty Gunther, Blues Blast Magazine, Jan 2015


"A superb harmonica player with a muscular vocal style...  blessed with a mesmerizing command of vintage Chicago blues .... one of the finest Chi-Town blues albums it has been my pleasure to hear in a while ....Kumar is a real talent and if you love Chicago blues then this is a set you can't ignore."
- Mick Rainsford, Blues in Britain Magazine, Dec 2014


Show Times:

7:00 pm, 9:00 pm


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Biscuits and Blues

401 Mason Street
San Francisco, CA 94102
United States