Gary Hoey at Biscuits and Blues in Union Square, San Francisco

Gary Hoey

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7:00 pm, 9:30 pm

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Gary Hoey is a classic rock guitarist with a blues bent. His style is tasteful, melodic and in the pocket. Hoey is one of the hardest working guitarists in rock blues, who recently cut ‘Dust & Bones’, his 20th album and the best of his career. He’s a crowd pleaser and the enthusiastic fans warm to his engaging persona, levered in by a handful of familiar covers given an extra lift by some incendiary solos. There’s is no doubting his fluid guitar style and his impeccable drum tight band featuring AJ Pappas on bass and Matt Scurfield on drums. He’s an experienced performer with true stage craft and is a guitarist whose touch and tone brings contrasting feels to the same song, and who above all knows the value of dynamics. He riffs hard, he uses measured sustain, judicious wah-wah, he flanges, he makes all the right shapes, he shreds and gets down to the ‘Dust & Bones’.

World renowned, rock guitarist, Gary Hoey takes on the Blues with his new album, “Deja Blues,” available now on Wazoo Music Group. “This is an album of original blues songs I’ve wanted to record for a long time. The Blues has always been near and dear to my heart. I have so much respect for it. When I’m recording a blues song, it’s a 5 minute journey and you can’t take a breath, you can’t keep punching in the recording button to fix stuff or it loses the vibe.”

At sixteen, Hoey often lingered outside Boston’s renowned Berklee College of Music making friends and offering to pay for lessons. To devote more of his time to music, the prodigy would cut high school classes so that he could hone his guitar playing skills all the while playing Boston’s local clubs and teaching guitar to avoid a day job and keep the guitar in his hands.

Hoey’s first break came in 1987 when Ozzy Osbourne showed up in Boston looking for a guitarist. Osborne liked Hoey’s tape enough to fly him to LA for an audition. The gig went to Zakk Wylde but Ozzy suggested Hoey move to LA seeing his talent.  He took Ozzy’s advice and with $17,000 he saved from teaching Hoey loaded the U-Haul and drove across country to LA. In 1992 Hoey released  “Heavy Bones” on Waner Bros. a rock vocal album with Frankie Banali on drums from Quiet Riot. Heavy Bones got caught in the grunge backlash and the album went unnoticed with a million dollar debt after album cost, promotion and video the band got dropped. 1993 Hoey asked Warner Bros. if he could record a low budget album for fun of instrumental rock.  He recorded the successful “Animal Instinct” album ($15,000 budget) which included a
cover of the Focus hit, “Hocus Pocus”.  Not only did the hit rocket into the Billboard Top 5, outpacing all other singles as the most frequently played rock song of the year, but the album went on to reach classic rock notoriety.  With a collection of 19 albums it’s no wonder Gary Hoey is listed as one of the top 100 guitarists of all time.

Biscuits and Blues

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