Lloyd Gregory at Biscuits and Blues in Union Square, San Francisco

Lloyd Gregory

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7:00 pm, 9:00 pm

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An award-winning guitarist and composer, San Francisco based Lloyd Gregory is a well-established musician whose style is smooth, soulful, melodic, flowing and immediately charismatic. His extensive R&B roots add a distinct texture to his styling. Gregory is a master of both acoustic and electric guitar. Gregory effortlessly incorporates genres of African, reggae, Brazilian, R&B and smooth jazz into his performances. Minor 7th: Acoustic Music Review has commented, “Lloyd expertly fuses soul, pop and jazz, forging a hybrid that is both enjoyable and intellectually stimulating.” 

“Music is comprised of traditions, even when mixed with innovations,” Gregory says, “so, of course, every musician is building upon sounds that came before. I admire and respect those jazz guitarists and I learned a lot from them. But my influences also include early soul innovators like Curtis Mayfield, many of the guitarists in the various Motown artists’ bands, and Ike Turner. Going even further, I have been inspired by rock’n’rollers from Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley through Hendrix to Eddie Van Halen. And on the other end of the spectrum I have been influenced by acoustic players who bridged between jazz, Latin and classical like Django Reinhardt, Bola Sete, Andres Segovia and Al De Meola. I never sat down and  learned other guitarists’ solos from their albums. Instead, I studied the tools and language they were using.”

Gregory has released five critically acclaimed albums of his own: Wonderful, Only For You, Solo Guitar,  andFree Fallin. His most recent CD is Gentle Warrior for Roxboro Entertainment Group. The album spent most of the first few months of 2012 in the top 5 of The Current Top 50 Indi and Radar Charts. Gregory effortlessly incorporates genres of African, reggae, Brazilian, R&B and smooth jazz in Gentle Warrior’s making. reviewer William Ruhlmann states, “Lloyd Gregory takes listeners on a musical travelogue… The album boasts more variety than the usual smooth jazz guitar collection, reflecting the musician's lengthy experience and mastery of different styles.”

Biscuits and Blues

401 Mason Street
San Francisco, CA 94102
United States