A Mid Summer Night's Dream - Tribal Belly Dance Workshop

A Mid Summer Night's Dream - Tribal Belly Dance Workshop

CALLING all woodland fairies, gypsies, sirens and tribal goddesses! Summer in San Francisco is just now getting good so join us to let's celebrate you in our Mid Summer Night's Dream! In this 5 hour intensive, we will embark a journey through several styles of world dance and learn one of Luna Moon's original global choreography's!~

Our class will begin with an intensive warm up, getting us ready to move with ease and grace through several styles of dance. This will be followed by a drill section where we will learn arm movements, foot patterns, & isolation's inspired by Middle Eastern Dance ( Belly Dance). 

From here we will study the basic's of Balinese Dance that will include the breakdown of intricate eye, head, hand and body movements and add the selected combinations to our choreography. Following this we will discover the ancient art of Indian Dance, inspired from several styles of India. 

We will finish our workshop with an oriental fan prop that will add a unique and diverse element of mystique to our movement!~

The class is open to all levels of dance experience. There will modifications for beginners and optional level increases for those who would like more of a challenge. This choreography is a fun way to discover multiple styles of cultural dances. Please come prepared with workout clothes, hip scarfs if you have them, be ready to work hard and have fun!~

On Tuesday August 23rd we will have a great opportunity to brush up the choreography and we'll record a music video to take home and share with friends! Video will be by the Creative Director @ RAE Model & Talent Agency.

Workshop includes Costumes & Accessories during rehearsals. 

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