The Realistic Joneses

By: Will Eno

Directed By: Loretta Greco

In a small American town, two couples who live next door to each other share the same last name—and much more—in this comedy that had Broadway audiences and critics howling with delight. Soon after the Joneses meet each other, they discover that they are suffering from a similar malady, which leads to a surreal deterioration of language and communication. This results in a complex game of wits that makes ordinary conversation an extraordinary adventure. In Will Eno’s inventive new play, what seems like a series of routine encounters between American neighbors becomes a captivating look at how impossible it is for words to fully capture feeling, and how miraculous it is for human beings to truly know each other.

“A Samuel Beckett for the Jon Stewart generation”—Charles Isherwood, New York Times

“Eno's writing may embrace an existentialist philosophy, but rather than merely presenting it he immerses the audience in it by violating expectations of narrative, character and substance.”The Los Angeles Times

“The Realistic Joneses” is thrilling to watch for Mr Eno’s way with dialogue, which eludes melodrama and embraces a rhythmic and humane weirdness.”The Economist

“A tender, funny and terrific new play . . . unmatched by anything this season!” —New York Times

A.C.T.'s Geary Theater

405 Geary Street San Francisco
San Francisco, CA 94108
United States