ReGrained Cooking Presentation

ReGrained Cooking Presentation

Join us for a cooking presentation with Chef Philip Saneski, VP of Product for ReGrained, a company dedicated to upcycling and utilizing nutritious grains from brewed beer. Catch him as he cooks ReGrained cavatelli pasta with carrot top pesto and julienne broccoli stems. You'll even get a tasty bite, as you learn more about upcycling ingredients!

ReGrained rescues the nutritious grain created every time beer is brewed. Powered by patent-pending tools and culinary creativity, we elevate this overlooked but awesome ingredient to the hero status it deserves with our award-winning upcycled nutrition bars, puffs and premium ingredients.

Philip Saneski is the Vice President of Product and Commander-in-Chef for ReGrained. With a background in Michelin starred restaurants and culinology, Phil brings experienced culinary acumen into the world of ingredient innovation. Phil has a deep love for food that pushes the boundaries but also feels familiar and hits home. When not in the kitchen, he dreams of all things root-to-stem.

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