The Story of Black with William Eddelman at Britex in Union Square, San Francisco

The Story of Black with William Eddelman

We all wear black: but why? Where did the most universal color in fashion come from? William Eddelman is uniquely qualified to tell us--during his teaching career at Stanford he combined the artistic and the academic, teaching classes in art history, cultural history, costume and scenic design, theatre and politics, and the psychology of clothes (“Mapping and Wrapping the Body”).

In this lecture on The Story of Black on Thursday, October 18 (6-8 PM), William will take us through the myriad mysteries, power structures, functions, meanings, and derivations of the color black in fashion, from the Lascaux Cave in France (15,000 BCE) to present-day runways and fetish wear. Join us for a truly unique evening of intellectual textile discussion, complete with wine and nibbles!

William Eddelman is an Associate Professor Emeritus in the
Stanford University Drama Department. He received MA and PhD degrees from Stanford in Theatre History and Design, and completed hisdissertation on a FulbrightScholarship in Venice, Italy.

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