Winter Salon at Jenkins Johnson Gallery

Jenkins Johnson Gallery is proud to present Winter Salon, an exhibition which presents recent works by Julian Opie, Tim Etchells, Scott Fraser and Ben Aronson. Winter Salon will be on view from January 7 through 30, 2016. 

The exhibition will feature new works by leading contemporary artist Julian Opie. On view are his series Tourists; Walking in the Rain; and his lenticular series Walking In London 1 and 2. Opie is one of the most significant artists of his generation whose work is immediately identifiable. His pieces examine how we, as viewers, see things. His portraits, sculptures, and reliefs provide a way of depicting the world in which he balances the nuanced styles of Western Art with graphic traditions of caricature, illustration, and even cartoon.

Another British artist featured in Winter Salon is the 2014 Lisbon, Portugal Artist of the City, Tim Etchells. His pieces involve the deconstruction of language and the implication of events unfolding in time through installation, new media performances, as well as publicly sited text-works, neon & LED signage.

Ben Aronson’s painterly brush strokes are both energized and free while strategically composed. His cityscapes possess a mood that any city dweller can relate to which comes from Aronson’s innate ability to capture light which is truly the foundation of his work. Featured in Winter Salon will be his large-scale triptych of the San Francisco skyline.

Premier American realist painter Scott Fraser is celebrated for his extraordinary technical precision, humorous subject matter, and strongly balanced compositions. Inspired by art history, Fraser mixes a classical approach to painting with contemporary subject matter. His process is labor intensive, and he is dedicated to the integrity of observational painting, the process can take up to six months to complete. Fraser uses everyday objects, especially from his home, that he makes into mock set ups.

Jenkins Johnson Gallery

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