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Safety Top Priority for San Francisco's Winter Walk, Photo: Kron 4

Winter Walk Signage. Photo: Kron 4

December 14, 2018
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Safety Top Priority for San Francisco's Winter Walk

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) - A popular holiday destination reopened in San Francisco and people from all over the city have been enjoying the sights. 

The Winter Walk returned to Union Square on Monday bringing together food, fun, and shopping. 

Executive Director of the Union Square Business Improvement District Karin Flood, said, " The holidays are one of the most important times in Union Square.

Flood said winter walkers should also feel safer thanks to a million dollar grant to their Safe Shopper Program. 

She said, "Large part of that is having officers out that are available and that are present."

San Francisco Police Department Deputy Ann Mannix says officers always expect a big crowd, but this year they're expecting even more. 

Mannix wants shoppers to be proactive and parking smart is one big way to do that. 

"Don't leave anything of value in your car," Mannix said. "If you're shopping and you got a lot of bags, do go back and put your bags in your car and continue shopping."