Sutter Stockton Garage

Sutter Stockton Garage

444 Stockton Street
San Francisco, CA 94108
United States


Midnight - 9am | $1

9am - noon | $3

Noon - 3pm | $4.50

3pm - 6pm | $3

6pm - midnight | $1.50

24 hr max | $36

*Rates subject to change


Weekday Off-Peak Discounts - $2 off before 8:30am & after 6:30pm (must stay min. 3 hrs)

Located just above Union Square Park with easy access to all of Union Square's fabulous shops, restaurants and entertainment venues, this is a City-owned garage that offers parking for visitors and local workers.

Anybody with an electric vehicle may charge their car at any of the six charging stations on the first floor and the two on the second floor.