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We live in a compassionate city but all community sector—private, public, and the non-profit—need to work together to help individuals who are suffering on our streets. There are no simple solutions to a complex problem. 



The City and County of San Francisco prioritizes services for the homeless in many ways: through supportive housing units, increased medical respite beds, comprehensive services that include substance abuse and mental health treatment, and innovative programs like the City’s Navigation Center. Union Square Cares is a community building campaign by the Union Square Foundation that contracts with local non-profits to add an additional layer of support in our community and impacted communities in San Francisco.




How Union Square Cares Works: 


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COVID-19 Support in the Union Square Area

Union Square Gives Back


We are purchasing lunches to support our local businesses and show our gratitude for our incredible clean and safe team members.
We will continue our initiatives in supporting local businesses as well as our first responders, public servants, and local workers in Union Square.

Union Square Give BackUnion Square Gives Back

Thank You Murals

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Success we've had with the
 Union Square Downtown Streets Team


DST Team


We’re here to work together towards ending homelessness. But when facing such a deeply-embedded societal problem, knowing the first step can be difficult. However, in consultations with our homeless folks, they've let us know the first step can be simple acknowledgment. We can start by trying to eliminate the social hesitation around acknowledging homeless people.

Union Square Partnership: DST's Achievement Overview
Icon Depicting Employment at Downtown Streets Team

31 team members received full-time employment! 

Team members housed

18 team members received housing! 

Debris Collection
Debris Collection

Team members collected 74,000 lbs in 2019! 

Needle Removal
Needle Removal

Team members removed 1,700 needles in 2019!

Results with
Miracle Messages

Through peer-to-peer outreach, formerly homeless individuals and other volunteers have engaged with those struggling on the streets by providing an innovative way to reconnect with loved ones. Volunteers ask simple questions such as:

  • What is your name?
  • Where are you from?
  • How long have you been homeless?
  • Is there a family member or friend you haven't seen in a while that you need help re-connecting with?


Once the conversation develops, volunteers then ask if they can record a short video of the homeless individual asking their long lost loved ones for help. Finally, volunteers take all the data provided and create a ‘Miracle Message’ in order to search for relatives and friends online using social media.

Since launching in Union Square on October 2018:

  • 205 hours of outreach
  • 53 messages have been recorded
  • 27 messages have been successfully delivered to friends and relatives
  • 14 reunions have occurred

Miracle Messages Success: Wayne's Story

Volunteers met a homeless individual, Wayne, at the Powell Street BART station near Union Square. He requested help to get in touch with his mother and sister, with whom had hadn't spoken in 16 years. The volunteers were able to get through to Wayne's niece after discovering that Wayne’s mother had sadly passed away. Upon receiving a message, Wayne’s family drove up to San Francisco to meet Wayne and they have since been meeting regularly. The family is working together to help find Wayne a long-term housing option. This past holiday season, Wayne celebrated with his family, the first time that the family had all been together for the holidays in 20 years.




Union Square Cares- Call

If you see someone in need, please call Union Square Cares Member Services at 415-781-4456 or email


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Community Resources
Community Resources

The San Francisco Homeless Outreach Team - The San Francisco Homeless Outreach Team or SF HOT provides outreach, case management and services to homeless people who are on the street and not using other city homeless services. If you are concerned about a homeless person in San Francisco, you can reach the SF HOT dispatcher 24/7 directly at 415.355.7401 to make a report. Please describe the individual and give the location to connect the with our City’s trained professionals. For any other related or public matter, you can also dial 3-1-1 for San Francisco’s Customer Service Center system or download the SF311 mobile app.